Supporters, not sponsors

Organisations that join the LAST Conference are Supporters and not sponsors. They primarily are involved in LAST because they believe in assisting the agile community in Australia. They also happen to be great, agile places to work or supply products or services that can help companies achieve greater agility.

Get on Board

If you would like to support the practitioner community in Canberra, (and Brisbane on 27 September), please read through this Supporters Pack and contact us.


Zen Ex Machina is a management consulting company, specialising in digital transformation. We’re Canberra’s most experienced government and agile coaching and training agency.

Zen Ex Machina


Tabar is a collection of leading agile thinkers, implementers and practitioners, who enhance organisational agility using agile and lean methods and thinking, through meetups, training and events.

We run Community Learning Events, such as LAST Conference and 1st Conference. Spark the Change is our event for change agents creating purpose, collaboration and well-being in business, and will be back in Melbourne in 2018.

We also bring leading experts to Australia, such as Alistair Cockburn, Jurgen Appelo, Michael Sahota and Bas Vodde, who share their ideas and techniques through training and speaking.

Through our partner Claritas Consulting, we help organisations deliver.


IntegrationQA increases the flow of value and quality within organisations in Australia and New Zealand by focusing on leadership, teams, technology and enterprise-wide.
We play to our strengths in lifting capabilities, processes and culture across all sectors, with our origins in ICT.

Integration QA


Elabor8 provides training, coaching and advisory services to companies looking to become forward thinking and adaptive.  We specialise in Agile Transformation, Product Innovation & Design, Delivery Services and Organisational Transformation.

Using a framework of insight, ideation and implementation, we’ll help you design and deliver end to end digital experiences that delight your customers.

Our consultants are passionate about creating great outcomes for Elabor8 clients.  Highly regarded as thought leaders, they draw upon their extensive real world experience and strong networks within the agile community to solve complex problems.

Our trainers are experienced practitioners and consultants. Their real world experience – combined with a deep understanding of the theory – allows them to deliver learning that fosters sustainable change.

Elabor8 is supporting LAST Conferences in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra AND Brisbane.


SKNG Services aims to Inspire, Enable and Transform ICT delivery for the Australian ICT Marketplace by utilising Agile, DevOps and the latest industry offerings in Cloud and Continuous Development technologies. With over 40 years in Australian Federal Government ICT, SKNG is experienced across all disciplines of ICT delivery. To be successful we know that focusing on delivering outcomes, not outputs is the key to satisfying today’s customers.

SKNG Services