Sandy Mamoli
Former Olympian, Agile coach and director at Nomad8

Craig Smith & Tony Ponton
Brisbane’s very own pioneers of Agile and hosts of the Agile Revolution Podcast. They will be recording a special LAST Brisbane episode during the conference.

Stephanie BySouth
Passionate Agilist, International Speaker and Business Growth Coach

Martin Kearns
Chief Digital Officer – Innodev

Craig Brown
VP, Collaboration at Aconex. Co-founder of LAST Conference

Shane Hastie

Shane Hastie
Director of Agile Learning Programs at ICAgile

John Sullivan
CEO – Elabor8

Beenish Zaidi

Nick Emery

Melissa Khim

Tim Barton

Helen Snitkovsky

Andrew Rusling

Renae Craven

Daniel Ginn

Sharon Loder

Mervin Chiang

Nhi Chang

Gert Erasmus

Kate Johanson

Steve Randall

Chris Wildeboer

Robin Mack

Sharon Robson

Mike Burns

Karyl Crick

Ryan McKergow

Shannon Russell

James Hayes

Rebecca Harris

Scott Mayoh

Estelle Vorster

Paul O’Keeffe

Darren Ryan

Ryan Gribble