Supporters, not sponsors

Organisations that join LAST Conference are Supporters and not sponsors. They primarily are involved in LAST because they believe in assisting the agile community in Australia. They also happen to be great, agile places to work or supply products or services that can help companies achieve greater agility.

If you would like to support the practitioner communities in Sydney and Melbourne, please contact us.

Passionate Supporters

LAST’s Passionate Supporters are the superfans of the lean and agile community in Australia.

Tabar are a group of Australian lean, agile practitioners who work together to help clients work with more agility. They also work with renowned experts such as Alistair Cockburn and Jurgen Appelo.LAST founders, Ed and Craig have been involved with Tabar for several years.



DiUS is supporting LAST Conference in Sydney and Melbourne.

DiUS is an Australian technology services company that helps clients innovate and grow. Since 2004, DiUS has developed and enhanced the technology products of many blue-chip companies, extending offerings into new areas to give them a competitive edge.

DiUS works with clients on a strategic level, helping to define and shape their product and technology strategy. Beyond consultation, the company specialises in delivering software with speed, agility and scale that extends the boundaries of clients’ essential systems and transforms the way they do business.

The DiUS difference comes from a passion for delivering smarter software to create value for clients, as well as a stimulating company environment that empowers more than a hundred employees to explore better and more effective ways to deliver software.


Academic Supporter

UTS delivers rigorous, practical and industry-focused education and research that encourages disruptive technologies and cultivates exceptional engineering and information technology professionals.