LAST Conference Adelaide


24 May 2023, Torrens University

LAST Conference Adelaide is back!

LAST Conference is a practitioner based mini-conference for Lean, Agile, and Systems Thinking professionals. The schedule encourages participation and interaction via talks, workshops, and activities.

We exist to help people who work in digital product development and related fields to share knowledge about the way they work together. We have grown from grass-roots, collaborative, practitioner origins in the meetup community, with people from small and large organisations, and a wide range of industries participating.

We encompass software and product development, user and customer experience, leadership and management, organisational design and strategy, project management and process improvement, and innovation and creativity.

By coming together and sharing knowledge and experience, we all learn to be better at work, continue to grow and help others and raise the level of the Adelaide professional community.

Together we make all of us better.

Key facts

Date – Friday 24 May 2023
 – Torrens University, Wakefield St

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