Submission principles

Update July 2023.

Please refer to this updated page for information about submitting to LAST Conferences in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Update June 2022.

The video/s below are still relevant today. Some of the specifics have changed, for example LAST’s scale will not be the same as 2018/19 levels. A lot of the ethos remains the same though.

You might also like to look at this exercise that we did in 2021 to gauge what people were interested in, at least from Software Dev terms.

Information video/audio

In 2018, we held an info evening as part of the Melbourne Scrum and Agile meetup. The videos below, may give you an idea of the general principles for LAST Conference submissions. Each city will have its own program committee and may have their own guidelines, so make sure you check the Submissions page for the city you are interested in, when it’s ready.

There are 8 videos (select video by using the playlist menu in the top left of the video, above), or view the playlist on Youtube.

  1. Introduction and origins of LAST Conference. 3m 32s
  2. What content do we want. Part 1. 8m 07s
  3. What content do we want. Part 2. 9m 23s
  4. How you can help out. 3m 09s
  5. Tips about Slides, Case Studies, other formats, Games. 19m 07s
  6. Resources for preparing a session. 5m 34s
  7. Increasing diversity, so we can all Level Up. 2m 33s
  8. Submission process. 5m 46s

Slides for info session

Links referenced in slides:

1. How To Begin Your Presentation with Simon Sinek
2. 5 Reasons You Need To Be Using Games For Corporate Training
3. Lego training game
4. Here are some ideas for designing training games
5. Tasty Cupcakes, games for invention and learning
6. Previous LAST Conference Schedules. 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

Audio (mp3)

Full video

1 hour

Interstate and Overseas speakers

Coming from out of town? Here is our policy about interstate and overseas speakers.

As each event is mainly focused on the community in each city, we don’t expect people to travel from interstate or overseas to participate, although you are welcome if you choose to come. As LAST is an event with low registration prices, we need to keep overheads low. Therefore, we generally do not reimburse travel and accommodation or pay a fee to session leaders/speakers.