LAST Conference Anywhere

We are launching LAST Anywhere; a program of remote-friendly events drawn from the LAST Conference events and the ecosystem we operate in.

Although LAST Conferences in cities around Australia act quite locally, we realised that they are also a part of a wider community. We also realise that people in regional Australia (or not in Australia) might not have access to something like LAST. We decided we want to enable people who are not close to a city that a LAST Conference is held in, to be a part of what we are doing.

Increasing the remote friendliness of our community can help people in other ways. You may have limits on your mobility, not be free on the date we run the event or be otherwise constrained.

Another aspect is that we wanted to bring what we believe about product development (frequent delivery that fast feedback) to apply to the type of learning that LAST Conference enables. That’s why we have returned to one day for the Melbourne event, with more LAST Anywhere events, throughout the year.

LAST Anywhere will be coming later in the year. We’d love for you to be part of it and share your feedback about it with us.

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