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The LAST Clubhouse is ready!

We’ve been working on what’s next and we are calling it The LAST Clubhouse.

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New talks will be announced on the LAST Clubhouse website

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Upcoming Longer Workshops…

Kazuyoshi Hisano – 2 x 2 hour Gold Vision Method workshop in July and August. Details…

Upcoming 90-min workshops…

90-min Workshops will become part of the LAST Clubhouse. All are welcome to join, or you can still register separately.

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Hisano-san’s introduction for his workshop on 25 June

What is LAST Anywhere?

Since 2012, we have organised LAST (Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking) Conference, in Melbourne, Australia, that has grown to Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.

The experience at these events is focused on meaningful interactions, and learning by collaboration and connection with other participants. This has worked well for us so far, but we started thinking about people who for a variety of reasons, can’t physically be at one of our conferences. LAST Anywhere was born!

Latest Article about the current thinking about LAST Anywhere.

The elements of LAST Anywhere…

1. LAST Anywhere Talks — valuable, affordable talks series

Top Japanese business coach, Kazuyoshi Hisano

Over the years, we have made great connections with engaging speakers from across Australia and beyond. We will kick off this series with a mini-festival of talks, The Best of LAST, Spark and 1st, in the week beginning 30 March, and then have talks at regular intervals, following that. We will be drawing from the speakers from LAST Conferences, as well as its sister event, 1st Conference, and Spark the Change Melbourne. We’ll be able to cover everything from workplace and societal meaning and purpose, to technology and software development.

  • These talks are not behind a paywall (info). If you are able to support the organisation of these talks then you can contribute using the buttons on each talk’s page, or by using the Support page.
  • Looking for videos and info about past talks? Start here…
  • Looking for more interactive, smaller group sessions? 90 minute LAST Anywhere workshops are for you…

2. LAST Anywhere Workshops — 90 minutes

Highlights of a previous 90 minute workshop with John Cutler

These are facilitated sessions of approximately 90 minute duration. They allow an overview of the subject matter. Some sessions will also have an opportunity to go further with a follow-up longer workshop (see below).

There will be fewer available places than in a talk, and there is more emphasis on interactions between participants and the session leader. A typical format is for the session leader to introduce a number of talking points, illustrating with stories, practical tips etc. Each talking point is then taken up in smaller group discussion, facilitated by a skilled practitioner.

These are paid sessions that can be a one-off fee, or a monthly membership (Info about pricing).

Each month, there will be at least 2 workshops to choose from, across a variety of subject matters, from mindfulness and positive psychology, to technology and sustainability, and more.

3. Longer workshops

There are also opportunities for longer workshops, e.g half day (4.5 hour).
The Flow Game with Cass Spong, has been run twice, due to popular demand!

Coming up: talks

New talks will be announced on the LAST Clubhouse website

Previous talks

Extended versions of the most recent talks in the series are available for FREE at the LAST Clubhouse. The complete archive of full-length talks is available for Clubhouse Full Members.

Friday 10 July 2020

Brad Jeavons, Brisbane, AU

Author of the book ‘Agile Sales – Delivering Customer Journeys of Value and Delight’, which provides a game plan for successful business improvement, and revenue growth.

This talk will provide a high-level outline of how sales organisations can adopt best practice Agile techniques to keep and excel in these changing times. The presentation will outline approaches organisations can take to amplify customer experience and sales team performance.

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Tuesday 23 June 2020

Peter Thomas, Melbourne AU
Lauren Sayer, Melbourne AU
Pete Cohen, Melbourne AU

Peter Thomas, Pete Cohen and Lauren Sayer – AgileEd: lessons learned from introducing Agile to a K12 school

Melbourne, Sydney. 04:00pm AEST (Find your local time)

Lauren, Peter, and Pete will talk through the journey of embedding Agile thinking, principles and tools at Haileybury, a K-12 school in Melbourne. They will talk through the motivations and challenges they found introducing Agile to this professional community and some of the wins, or otherwise that were encountered.

The talk will focus on translatable Agile proved to be in this educational setting and some of their plans for the future. It will provide insight for practitioners into how Agile can be translated into different domains. It’s also for educators who are interested in applying Agile to Learning Design.

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Monday 22 June 2020

Emily Jaksch, Melbourne AU
Jessy Warn, Melbourne AU

Emily Jaksch and Jessy Warn – Returning to business as usual post COVID-19 restrictions

Melbourne, Sydney. 11.30a AEST (Find your local time)

After the recent Federal Government announcements around the relaxation of restrictions most of us are all doing a happy dance in anticipation of returning to life as normal! But before we jump the gun we are all asking ourselves what will life look like under the newly launched three- step framework for COVIDSafe Australia and more importantly how will this impact my business?

You can check out the three-step framework here and to assist employers the government have also released a new planning toolkit for employers.

What we do know is that restrictions will be eased gradually with all steps planned to be implemented by July, each state and territory deciding on its own timing.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and we will also be sending you a handy download which includes the planning toolkit.

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Monday 15 June 2020

Donna Spencer, Melbourne AU

Donna Spencer Planning design thinking workshops

Want to make your next design thinking workshop great? Join us for this talk on planning design thinking workshops. It will cover workshop structure and flow – getting started, the constructive middle and wrapping up. We’ll look at how to plan activities that tie together well. And we’ll talk about how to plan to get people warmed up, participating and making decisions.

Donna is an expert in user experience design, user research, information architecture, facilitation, design thinking, service design, digital product design, and product leadership.

She has worked in many industries, including government, telecommunications, insurance, retail, not-for-profit, higher education and many more. Donna has also written three books: on information architecture, card sorting and writing for the web. She’s currently writing two new books for A Book Apart and Sense and Respond Press.

She was a founder of UX Australia conference, running it for nine years.

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Thursday 11 June 2020

Christiane Anderson, Melbourne AU
Stephen Callaghan, Melbourne AU

Christiane Anderson and Stephen Callaghan Work Together Anywhere

Melbourne, Sydney. 11:30am AEST (Find your local time)
Auckland 1:30pm NZT

Increase the feeling of togetherness on your remote team by creating a productive and enjoyable virtual workspace.

There is more to a successful remote team than just attending meetings and completing tasks. In order to create a collaborative workplace online, we have to focus on different things to combat the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, and increase that sense of team.

People over Process have created a  LAST Anywhere special. Get a massive 50% off the regular  early bird rate. Find out more here:

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Wednesday 10 June 2020

Martin Cronje, Auckland, NZ

Martin Cronje Turning our most significant production outage into a driver for positive lasting change. A DevOps story.

Melbourne, Sydney. 11:30am AEST (Find your local time)
Auckland 1:30pm NZT

Early one Monday morning we had a production deployment that sparked a sequence of events that took our biggest customer offline. Everything went wrong! We were not able to rollback, or failover, or identify the root-cause, and somehow an engineer was able to log into production and make the situation worse. In the end, it took us two weeks to restore service.

As a newcomer to this high-growth organisation, I saw this as a massive opportunity to help the organisation take a quantum leap forward in how it operates and supports its services in production.

This talk outlines the transformative journey we took as we implemented Continuous Deployments and Canaries on our monolith, Blue/Green on our database, Service Level Objectives, and how we improved our DevOps practices backed up by a Site Reliability Engineering team.

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Thursday 4 June 2020

Richard Parton, Melbourne, AU

Richard Parton Lean Change Management Hacks for Wellbeing

We often think of change as being hard, painful and even traumatic. But our current times call for a kinder approach. Thankfully a growing body of research and practice over the past few decades is demonstrating that there is another way – one that actually builds the wellbeing, collaboration and learning we especially need right now.

Richard Parton is a pioneering change facilitator whose combination of agile-based Lean Change with wellbeing science is helping organisations all over Australia transform in radically different and more human friendly ways. 

Join Richard as he shares his passion for Lean Change, and talks you through some of his favourite hacks for creating effective change that are particularly suited to these current times. He will share a number of techniques to  help coaches, leaders and change professionals adopt an empowering and compassionate approach that fosters wellbeing.  

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Wednesday 27 May 2020

John Sullivan, Melbourne, AU

John SullivanLeading delivery in a remote-first world

Over the last ten years, we have established agile and leadership practices for work environments that no longer exist. Will we ever go back to those environments?  I would suggest not! I suggest that this hyper-distributed team(s) model is here to stay, and we need to adapt to work with it.

We need to adapt our leadership and delivery processes to work in this new remote-first, hyper-distributed model. There are practices and models in action today that are showing good results. Some methods and models, over and above zoom meetings, are working today.

With a remote-first way of working there are no reals experts out there, it’s new to most of us. This presentation details ways of working that are working and areas that need focus.

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Tuesday 26 May 2020

Kazuyoshi Hisano, Tokyo, JPN

Kazuyoshi Hisano – A new way to be successful in this difficult and uncertain world

A renowned business coach who will be presenting directly from Japan.

How can you go beyond your “Comfort Zone ” and acquire new skills? Everybody wants to be successful in life. We listen to advice from others and we try many things. Yet most of us are still not sure what is really needed to be successful. Moreover, many of us are not even sure what we are aiming to achieve in this life.

If you are perfectly satisfied with your current life, that is wonderful. However, if you think that you can do better – if you really want to be better… then listen to this talk!

Kazuyoshi Hisano, has been recommended by Norman Bodek (LAST Conferences), who is responsible for having some of the great Japanese lean thinkers (Ohno, Shingo etc.) translated into English.

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Friday 22 May 2020

Andrew Blain, Melbourne, AU

Andrew Blain – Remote, not adrift – an introduction to remote:af

Andrew is the founder of remote:af – The Remote Agility Framework and a co-owner of Elabor8, the leading lean/agile consultancy, and Over the Way Wines.

In this 45 minute presentation, Andrew will walk you through the Framework of remote:af. This Framework was developed by Andrew because he believes that Covid-19 presents a unique opportunity for the agile community to lead societal change and that effective remote working is a key pillar of a fairer and more sustainable future.

Through remote:af Andrew aims to build a global community of remote agility practitioners who can help organisations build engaging working environments that are more flexible, sustainable and equitable.

Andrew’s talk will be followed by a brief Q&A session. The best question will earn a free spot on the inaugural remote:af practitioner course held remotely by Elabor8 on Monday 26th to Thursday 29th of May!

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Tuesday 5 May 2020

Katy Cooper, Tasmania, AU

Katy Cooper (SingularityU)
Future of Data: Sovereignty or Surrender
In her talk, Katy explores the future of data ownership and value. As we move towards an increasingly more connected world, organisations are building products and services based on vast amounts of data from their customers and other secondary sources.

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Talk Slidedeck…

Christina Gerakiteys, Sydney, AU

Christina Gerakiteys (SingularityU)
Introduction to Exponential Thinking and its application to ‘today’
At SingularityU Australia we thrive at the intersection of the Values of Humanity with the Value of Technology. The convergence of technologies means that anything is possible if we have the right mindset, a diverse team and a passion to impact the world for good. This session will introduce you to Exponential Thinking and how impossible can become possible.

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Friday 1 May 2020

Norman Bodek
Ahmed Avais
Christophe Makni

Norman Bodek, Ahmed Avais, Christophe Makni
Leadership Social Responsibility – Creating a new and powerful organization
181 of the World’s top CEOs have made a new commitment to shift from “profits only,” to become socially responsible: to serve the customers better, to help employees build their skills, to work better with suppliers, to serve their communities and improve the environment, and to also look to the long-term benefits for their investors.

This is a monumental shift from the past and requires a whole new manager; giving vast new opportunities to all. You will learn how to help your organization make this very important shift and to find great new opportunities for you.

In this talk, Norman, Ahmed and Christophe will help you to learn how to help your organization make this very important shift and to find great new opportunities for you.

Norman joined us via video from Japan
Ahmed joined us from North Carolina
Christophe joined us from Basel, Switzerland

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Talk Slidedeck…

Thursday 23 April 2020

Anthony Agius, Bacchus Marsh, AU

Anthony Agius
Hi I’m Anthony and I’m a massive nerd

Hear about Anthony’s very interesting career. Including…

  • How he created and sold the biggest Apple Mac website, outside the US
  • Why he owned one of the first iPads in Australia
  • Started one of the first and most popular podcasts in Australia
  • How he “earned” more than 1 million Qantas points by lifting his finger 10,448 times.

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Wednesday 8 April 2020

Andrew Murphy, Melbourne AU (LAST Conf)

Have you ever wanted to know how people work and exactly what to do to influence and motivate them? Especially when we lose so much of our influence when working remotely?

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Tuesday 7 April 2020

Nigel Dalton, Melbourne AU (1st Conf)
The future of strategy: just hire teenagers.
In April 2020 we suddenly need a new workplace strategy, a remote work strategy, a product strategy, an IT strategy, a cost-saving strategy…and a strategy to explain all the other strategies. To be caught without a revised strategy, is a double-kiss plus handshake greeting in the times of Coronavirus elbow taps. This talk aims to demystify that ‘strategy’ magic spell, and get a much wider range of people engaged in strategic thinking. It will cover Amazon’s approach to strategy, Underpants Gnomes, and some counter-intuitive left-field thinking for a post-COVID work life.

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Talk Slidedeck

Friday 3 April 2020

Sandy Mamoli. Auckland NZ (Spark the Change, LAST Conference)
“Gold Medal Me” – Olympic Tips to Be the Best You Can Be
Collaboration is done in teams but team work is an individual skill.
Those skills are a must-have in our complex world where responsibility, resilience and rapid learning are everything. In this highly personal talk former Olympian Sandy Mamoli dives deeply into the Olympic mindset and contrasts the perspectives and attitudes of professional sports with modern work life.

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Simon Dowling Melbourne AU (Spark the Change)
Making Bold Create the conditions for teams to perform at their best
Without the right dynamics in place, otherwise smart and motivated individuals shrink in the presence of their team. So what does it take to set a team up to play to their fullest? To enable people to be bold enough to do the things that truly underpin high performance: to speak up, challenge the status quo, to contribute ideas and to give and receive feedback. This presentation shows you how.

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Cath Hills, Melbourne AU (1st Conf)
Creating great products by learning about people remotely
Developing a great products is hard. It can be made easier if you have authentic discussions with people that are going to use it. Cath will take you through techniques that you can use, especially those that can be implemented with people who aren’t in the room.

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Talk Slidedeck

Tuesday 31 March 2020

Kerri Rusnak, Edmonton CA (LAST Conf, Dare Festival)
Leadership – 6 years later
In 2014, Kerri delivered a powerful talk about the nature of leadership, with lots of personal reflections.In her Best of… talk, she builds on her 2014 talk with powerful insights on what else she has discovered about herself and how her experience of leadership has changed.

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Richard Parton, Melbourne AU (Spark the Change, LAST Conf)
The science of Ikigai (Reason for Being) – thriving in a crisis
Richard will provide a recap of Ikigai and explain how it can enable you to thrive in the current crisis. He will show how each element relates to reducing anxiety and boosting a sense of wellbeing.

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Lynne Cazaly (Dare Fest, LAST Conf)
Adaptive Thinking
How we think about things can prove to be a foundation for growth and change … or a turning point towards spirals and stagnation.
When we are asked to change, or need to lead others in change, it’s how we think – and how we adapt our own thinking – that helps make great change happen.

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JoAnna Ferrari, Sydney AU (Spark the Change)
Tough TImes
How to use the current tough time we are all experiencing to develop the skills of surviving at your highest level, become a better version of you and come out the other side landing on your feet and making more money!

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Monday 30 March 2020

Rebecca Tapp, Sydney AU (Spark the Change)
Igniting Life’s Turning Points
A turning point is a time when a situation starts to change in a significant way…how do we go about navigating these personal or professional pivot points?

Watch video…

Andy Kelk, Melbourne AU (LAST Conf, 1st Conf)
Culture Gardening
How do effective managers think about their teams? This is a whistle-stop tour through techniques for leading high performing teams.

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Previous workshops

Thursday 25 June 2020

Kazuyoshi Hisano, Tokyo Japan

Kazuyoshi Hisano, Tokyo Japan
Understanding the Human Mind. Be more successful by using your brain’s power.

Most of us study and work hard. So why don’t the outcomes of your effort always reflect the amount of work that you put in? It’s frustrating, but you can change this.
If there was a secret skill to always become successful, would you want to know what it is and how to use it? If the skill is simple and easy, do you want to apply it to your life?

Kazuyoshi Hisano’s workshop is focused on helping you to learn how to utilize your brain in a more effective way. The method is not difficult and can be easily applied to your professional and personal life. We believe that this opportunity will be a help for those who participate, to build a better future and to be successful in their career.

In the workshop, we will do exercises to help you experience the “GOLD VISION METHOD”.

More info…

Wednesday 3 June 2020

Barry O’Reilly, San Francisco, California

Barry O’Reilly, San Francisco, California
The Cycle of Unlearning

Barry O’Reilly is a business advisor, entrepreneur and author who has pioneered the intersection of business model innovation, product development, organizational design, and culture transformation. His mission is to help purposeful, technology-led businesses innovate at scale.
Read Barry’s blog at:
See what he has to say on Twitter: @barryoreilly

This 90 min condensed version of Barry’s workshop “Unlearn—Cultivating Behaviors and Mindset for Extraordinary Results” will introduce you to the Cycle of Unlearning, a transformative system developed by Barry and also captured in his best selling book of the same name. You’ll identify what you need to unlearn, what to stop, what to keep, and what to change.
This workshop will show that when you to think big but start small, choose courage over comfort, and become curious to tackle uncertainty, you can achieve new levels of success you never dreamed possible.

More info…

Longer workshops – Saturday 30 May and Saturday 27 June 2020

Cass Spong, Melbourne, AU

The Flow Game with Cass Spong

Do you want to take stock of who you are, what you’re doing, or what you should do next? Taking part in this “Flow Game Experience” with Cass, might help you to do this.

Limited to 4-6 people, The Flow Game is a unique opportunity to breathe deeply, cultivate meaningful connections, give and receive wisdom on questions that are important to us, in a safe, supportive environment.

More info…

Thursday 28 May 2020

Ben Hogan, Melbourne, AU
Christine Lemmich, Melbourne, AU

Ben Hogan and Christine Lemmich, Melbourne AU
Experience a fully remote inception workshop!

In this workshop Ben and Christine will facilitate a hands-on experience with digital collaboration using tools and techniques from a recent product inception workshop he facilitated. Ben will demonstrate how he used a visual collaboration tool to successfully kick-off a product discovery initiative.

Along the way Ben will share his lessons learned and things to avoid next time.

After this session you will have experience participating in a digital workshop and some tips on how you might run one of your own, and where to get more information.

Ben Hogan is a business agility adviser for organisations looking to develop new capabilities, increase performance, adopt new ways of working and improve employee engagement.  Connect with him directly or follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Christine is a personal and professional development coach and agile team facilitator. Follow her on LinkedInInstagram or book a chat via her site.

More info…

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Ben Mosior, Pittsburgh, USA

Ben Mosior, Pittsburgh USA
Strategic Thinking with Wardley Mapping

Ben Mosior is your friendly neighborhood methodology whisperer, sharing cutting edge decision-making and sensemaking approaches oriented around collective knowledge creation. To democratize access to strategic thinking methods, Ben operates and runs regular events to inform and uplift new practitioners.

In this session, Ben will walk you through a practical 90-minute strategic thinking process that leverages Wardley Mapping to create common conceptual ground for explicit, localized intent. Starting with the very basics of the process, you’ll learn to make a minimum viable map, scan the landscape for opportunities, and refine action proposals through challenge.

More info…

Wednesday 29 April 2020

John Cutler, California, USA

Product Development Intuition Traps: Episode 2

John Cutler, Santa Barbara CA, USA (LAST Conf, Anywhere)

John will be back for a second edition of his successful LAST Conference Anywhere workshop.

More info…

Friday 24 April 2020

Craig Brown: Melbourne, AU

Launch your startup product in 6 weeks

In this workshop, Craig leads you through the inception and planning of a startup. At the end of this workshop, you will have created a clear concept of the product you want to launch, and created a plan for launching your own startup. We will cover concepts including market validation, lean product development, business models, pricing and building your product.

More details…

Workshop Slidedeck

Thursday 16 April 2020

Ruma Dak: Melbourne, AU

Staying Calm and Positive in Challenging Times.

With Ruma Dak. Our LAST Anywhere sessions continue with this webinar/workshop run by Ruma Dak. Ruma has a strong interest in Positive Psychology, and will be sharing ways that this can help you.

More details…

Wednesday 1 April 2020

James Christie: New Hampshire, USA

Successful Virtual Events with James Christie.

In 2016, James founded the online conference Sustainable UX. He’s also Director of UX at Mad*Pow in New England. In this role, he regularly collaborates across timezones with colleagues and clients.
More details…

Thursday 2 April 2020

Jay Hyett: Melbourne, AU

Running Remote Companies with Jay Hyett.

And just like that the world suddenly went remote first.
In this session, Jay will share lessons learned working with distributed teams at Envato, including how to run a virtual demo with 200 people!  He will also provide some insights into how to keep teams engaged and connected without the need for a physical location.
More details

Monday 6 April 2020

Ruth Farenga: St Albans UK

‘Creating new habits’ a practical Mindfulness workshop with Ruth Farenga

This is about training our minds and rewiring our brains to be more effective so we can weather any storm. Developing this awareness and discipline takes practice. So, we need to develop effective habits and practices which we can integrate regularly into our everyday lives.
More details

Remote-first, with substance

A couple of years ago, we started to think about changes in the way people work, communicate and learn, and the convergence of technologies and the changing workplace.

Early in 2019 we worked with Lisette Sutherland, an expert in remote collaboration, and it had us thinking about how we could create an experience that helps people to learn, but also to feel a connection with people, despite their physical location.

LAST Anywhere became the lab for us to experiment with the form. With current world events, it’s now meant that the thought and work we’ve done, are now about to be put to use. We hope people are going to get value from it.

Be Informed

We’d love for you to be part of it and share your feedback about it with us, so please contact us below and we will keep you informed.

We also want to keep writing about LAST Conference Anywhere on this site. Please check back for blog/twitter/LinkedIn updates about what we are doing.

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