LAST Conferences 2019

Find Your Edge at a LAST Conference in 2019.

Preparation for all of the LAST Conference editions has begun. Details on the program for each city will be published as they emerge. The latest news is below.

The roots of LAST Conference

LAST conference started in 2012 as an affordable mini-conference in Melbourne for people involved mainly in software product development.

It was started because we wanted to bring together a bunch of meetup communities, particularly in the agile and software spaces and because we wanted to provide valuabe, affordable alternative to more expensive training and conferences.

As LAST conference evolved, Agile Software Product Development remained a core part of the event, but the mission evolved to becoming the “Cross-functional conference.” LAST is the place where the disciplines of software engineers, product managers, designers, marketers, HR people, sales, and more mingle. You get an opportunity to not just learn more about what’s going on in your own craft, but to go learn more about the way the other disciplines around you operate, what they believe and what they think are good practices in their domain.

LAST Conferences today

LAST Conferences are now held in most capital cities in Australia, becoming a series of events. Each city is organised locally, supported by Ed and Lisa at Tabar, along with LAST co-founder, Craig.

We encourage the local organisers to involve and reflect the people in their communities. LAST Conferences are local practitioners, with a few people from further afield, sharing their experiences and knowledge with each other with the goal of each city becoming richer and stronger in the arts, crafts and sciences of building great products, services and businesses.

To learn about a new innovation that we are introducing, that we hope will give even more people a chance to be part of LAST Conference, go and have a read about LAST Conference Anywhere.

Get involved

As mentioned at the top of this post, submissions and registrations for the various cities are open, or will be opening in the near future. As community driven events, LAST Conference relies on people like you to get involved!

What was LAST Conference MEL 2017 like?

LAST International?

We continue to think that physical LAST Conferences, as value for money events drawing on the local community and bringing people together, is a great proposition. The event gets great feedback from participants and is generally a lot of fun to go to.

If you would like to launch a physical LAST Conference in your city please get in touch and we can talk about how you could get started.


Ed and Craig

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