The latest announcements about LAST Conference 2012

Final reconnaissance

posted 19 Jul 2012, 07:25 by Ed Wong

We did a final walkthrough of the venue on Wednesday to check the different rooms, and so forth, at next Friday's venue.

Here's Craig in one of the commons areas between the rooms, that will be in use. The area to the left, behind the glass wall, is one of the engineering labs, which has some interesting stuff in it, including a large model airplane, and a pool table (for some reason!).

Use Lanyrd to plan and manage your LAST day

posted 15 Jul 2012, 06:55 by Craig Brown   [ updated 19 Jul 2012, 07:09 by Ed Wong ]

Lanyrd is a social event management tool.  We have posted all the LAST Conference sessions to it.

You can use the site to 
  • Select what events you want to see in advance
  • Sign up for lightning talks and open space sessions
  • Schedule things into your phone's caendar
  • Look up what's next based on location and keywords
  • Use the mobile version on your phone

The programme is now online

posted 6 Jul 2012, 06:57 by Craig Brown

We have now posted the programme online. You can read our line up on the Schedule page.

We will also be publishing the sessions to Lanyrd so you can manage your day on your phone.

I hope you find the plan for the day appealing. It looks fantastic to me.


posted 14 Jun 2012, 17:15 by Ed Wong

We've received many great ideas for sessions. Here's a photo of some card sorting, we did recently, to put them into a coherent structure.

When we started out, we thought that we might struggle to fill the schedule for the day, but it turns out that it's going to be a really packed day!

Card sorting submissions

If you submitted an idea, you should have, or will soon hear from Craig, who is the main curator of the content..


posted 16 May 2012, 05:38 by Ed Wong   [ updated 18 May 2012, 00:38 ]

Did you know that Melbourne is "twinned" with Osaka, Thessaloniki, Boston, Tianjin, St Petersburg, and Milan?

Here at LAST, we've twinned with 2 other mini-conferences that we share an affinity with. They are both directly after LAST, why not stay on and attend one of these, as well? Both sound great, yet different to what you'll get at LAST on the Friday.

Developer, Developer, Developer Melbourne, is a one day event run by developers, for developers, and is being held at Swinburne the day after LAST, the 28th of July. 

BarCamp Melbourne, is a two day event for technically minded people. It's being held on 28th and 29th of July. It's being held at Urban Camp, in Parkville.

Registration announcement

posted 24 Apr 2012, 01:02 by Ed Wong   [ updated 24 Apr 2012, 01:02 ]

The first release of places will be at 9am on Thursday 26 April. when

 25 places will become available for $25 (50% discount). These places are aimed at

 "Innovators"; engaged and eagle-eyed community members.

When those places are gone, there will be a second release, for "Early Adopters". The $40 cost is 20% less than the general registration cost.

Remaining places will be available at $50, until sold out

Please note, there will also be a small EventBrite booking fee.

Check the Register page on Thursday 26th for the link!!!!

It's official

posted 17 Apr 2012, 14:22 by Ed Wong   [ updated 24 Apr 2012, 01:00 ]

We have confirmed our date and venue for the conference.

Friday 27 July. 8:30am to 5pm
Swinburne University of Technology
Engineering Building
Burwood Rd entrance, Hawthorn

Flying under the radar

posted 22 Mar 2012, 05:07 by Ed Wong   [ updated 24 Apr 2012, 01:06 ]

We're still in semi-stealth mode. Just waiting for confirmation of venue (and date).

In the meantime, here is some light entertainment for you…


We are on Twitter

posted 22 Mar 2012, 05:00 by Ed Wong   [ updated 22 Mar 2012, 05:00 ]

You can keep up with us on Twitter by following, @last_conf and use the hashtag #last_conf

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