Here it is. The schedule grid for LAST Conference is embedded below. You can enlarge or print it by opening it in a separate window

Craig might tinker with the schedule a little between now and the 27th. If in doubt, come back here, or check Lanyrd for the latest version, and mobile device versions.

LAST conference 2012 Schedule

About Lanyrd

We are using Lanyrd for session and speaker details, which are being updated now. You can use it to track sessions and speakers, and find follow up coverage. Here's what it looked like for the recent Google I/O conference.

They provide a mobile version for various mobile devices, and an iOS app . It even allows for offline access…and it's free.

Easy Twitter sign in will also allow you to meet other attendees, and find out about other events that you might find interesting. Don't worry if you don't have a Twitter account, you can still use Lanyrd to view event info.

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