Registration FAQs

We also have a general FAQ page.

What is EventBrite?

We are a grassroots mini-conference, so in order to streamline registration as much as possible, we are using EventBrite to take registrations.

EventBrite is a 3rd party, online ticket and registration service, that can securely handle your Mastercard or Visa transaction. They have helped with over 64 million tickets and registrations. Find our more about Eventbrite.

The fee on the registration, are the credit card fee, and the fee charged by EventBrite.

What about American Express or Diners? How about cash or cheque?

It's vastly easier for us as organisers (i.e 2 people), to only accept payments using EventBrite, which currently doesn't allow payments to be made with Amex or Diners.

Please consider using EventBrite with your own credit card, and claiming it back on expenses. The cost is only $50, so it should easily fall within your expenses limit!

Cash. We would prefer EventBrite, please.

Cheque. What's is this "cheque", you speak of?

Can I get a receipt?

Your confirmation email will have a PDF ticket attached. You should be able to use this as your receipt.

Can I change my details, or send someone else instead of me?

Yes, on both counts. When you register, you also created an EventBrite account, which can be used to do this

EventBrite tell you how to change your details or transfer your registration.

Can I get a group discount?

The registration cost has already been set deliberately low, as we are not a commercial conference. Our primary aim is to cover the cost of the venue, and feeding and keeping our attendees happy. Therefore, we aren't offering a group discount.

Why do you need extra info?

We need to know your basics such as Name, and email, of course. We also ask for your mobile phone number, in case we need to contact you about something relating to the event.

We ask for your Job Title and Company, because it helps us get an idea of who's going to be coming, and helps us to tailor the day to your needs.

We also ask for any special dietary, or access requirements, to best cater for you on the day. Thanks for letting us know, we will do our best to fulfil your requirements.

We won't use your details for any other purpose, apart from the organisation of the event, or to let you know about related issues (such as other grassroots, lean, agile, and systems thinking events). If we do, we will make it very easy for you to opt out.

We ask for your Twitter name. We are @LAST_conf on Twitter, and we use the hashtag #LASTconf. We'd love to follow you on Twitter too.

If you agree when registering, that you would like to be contacted by our sponsors about their events, products, and services, we will pass on your information. This is optin, and you must specifically opt-in during the registration process.