Submissions are open until 11:59pm AEST, 2 June 2019.


Information video/audio

In 2018, we held an info evening as part of the Melbourne Scrum and Agile meetup. This will give you an idea of what we look for, and it remains relevant for 2019.

There are 8 videos (select video by using the playlist menu in the top left of the video, above), or view the playlist on Youtube.

  1. Introduction and origins of LAST Conference. 3m 32s
  2. What content do we want. Part 1. 8m 07s
  3. What content do we want. Part 2. 9m 23s
  4. How you can help out. 3m 09s
  5. Tips about Slides, Case Studies, other formats, Games. 19m 07s
  6. Resources for preparing a session. 5m 34s
  7. Increasing diversity, so we can all Level Up. 2m 33s
  8. Submission process. 5m 46s

Slides for info session

Links referenced in slides:

1. How To Begin Your Presentation with Simon Sinek
2. 5 Reasons You Need To Be Using Games For Corporate Training
3. Lego training game
4. Here are some ideas for designing training games
5. Tasty Cupcakes, games for invention and learning
6. Previous LAST Conference Schedules. 2017, 2016

Audio (mp3)

Full video

1 hour

Interstate and Overseas speakers

What’s LASTconf like?

Have a look at this highlights clip…