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LAST Anywhere Talk with Richard Parton

Lean Change Management Hacks for well-being

Richard Parton, Melbourne, AU

Facilitating human-friendly change that actually builds well-being, collaboration and learning.

This is the first part of a talk that was part of the LAST Conference Anywhere series. Extended versions of the most recent talks in the series are available for FREE at the LAST Clubhouse. The complete archive of full-length talks is available for Clubhouse Full Members.

About the talk

Richard has been honing the craft of delivering human friendly change for nearly 20 years, so in this talk he will be sharing with you some of the key things he has learnt along the way. He will talk through the basics of Lean Change and how to use it to deliver change in a human centred way. 

He’ll then walk through a number of his favourite hacks that not only work well with Lean Change, but can also be used on their own as mini-interventions, including:

·                     Managing the team to maximise psychological flow

·                     Techniques for change-pull rather than change-push   

·                     The how and why of using positive emotions

·                     How to help people and teams struggling with the COVID challenges to find growth and purpose

Along the way the talk will touch on some of the key research behind the approaches Richard uses, as well as practical tips for helping to make change initiatives effective. 

This talk will draw insights from two training courses Richard is delivering over the coming month, ‘Lean Change Management’ and ‘Coaching Agile Teams for Wellbeing and Resilience’. If you are interested in more information about these long-form courses, pleasse contact Richard for further details.

About Richard

Richard is a Business Agility Transformation and Positive Psychology expert, highly experienced at helping organisations develop their business agility strategy to create human friendly, adaptive workplaces ready for the challenge of the digital age. He has nearly twenty years’ experience in creating high performing transformation programs, is a Lean Change evangelist, practitioner and trainer and uses techniques that leverage lean startup, agile and traditional change management to create sustainable change and business agility for clients. He is also a regular public speaker on news ways of working and the psychology of creating transformation, resilience and thriving. 


Title: Lean Change Management Hacks for well-being
Date: Thurs, 4 June 2020
Duration: 60 minutes
Start Time:
Melbourne, Sydney. 12.30pm AEST
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Keywords: Lean, change management, agile

About LAST Anywhere Talks

LAST stands for Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking. It was born out of meetup groups and then a conference, started in Melbourne AU in 2012. Since then, it grew to also be held in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide. 1st Conference (Organisational Agility) and Spark the Change Melbourne (Meaning and Purpose at work and in society) are related conferences.

LAST Anywhere talks and workshops draw subject matter from the full range of topics covered by LAST, 1st and Spark the Change. Delivered online, they aim to provide non-formal learning and valuable interactions, and extend on the value provided by physical events.

All you need is a good internet connection, a webcam, headphones, and a microphone. Also, you will need the focus to be present and make the most of the session.