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LAST Anywhere Workshop with Ruth Farenga

Creating new habits for wellbeing and growth – a practical Mindfulness workshop with Ruth Farenga

Our LAST Anywhere sessions continue with this workshop run by Ruth Farenga, who will join us via video from St Albans in the UK. Ruth is the Founder of Mindful Pathway, a Mindfulness training and coaching company for leaders based in the UK. There will be the chance learning content, large and small group discussion as well as Q&A. Follow up resources will be provided – limited spots are available so book now!

About Ruth

Ruth Farenga is the Founder of  Mindful Pathway and is Mindfulness Trainer, Professional Coach & Speaker, who lives in St Albans, UK. Her values are openness, connection, trust, love and efficiency. She believes in empowering others and connecting with them so that they can achieve their own strengths and success strategies.

Ruth’s Mindfulness training was completed through the National Colleges where she achieved her final Diploma in Mindfulness Teaching to teach Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) in May 2015. This was the culmination of 3 years of practice, teaching and assessment, and demonstrates a thorough ability to guide participants in the field. Ruth maintains professional training with institutions such as Oxford Mindfulness Centre (part of Oxford University) as well as ongoing supervision.

Ruth is currently completing a Diploma in Transformational Coaching accredited with the European Council of Coaching and Mentoring with Catalyst 14 in London. She is accepts a limited number of coaching clients – usually for leaders in businesses.

The ethos of Ruth’s mindfulness teaching and coaching is to guide people to find their own path that enables greater fulfilment while developing practical & personal skills to work & live by.

About the session

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we are all facing many concerns, and with that our wellbeing can be heavily impacted. So, how do we deal with our own thoughts and feelings? How do we support ourselves and others through this period? How do we create habits that stick as we settle into some kind of ‘new normal’? 

The circumstances we find ourselves in is unknown territory, and our inherent fear of the unknown combined with the inability to control the situation, can result in an overwhelming sense of anxiety and helplessness. This is where Mindfulness is really helpful – when remaining positive during stressful times doesn’t seem to pan out for us, or isn’t the best approach for us, Mindfulness enables us to build distance between our thoughts and feelings, so they have less power over us. 

This is about training our minds and rewiring our brains to be more effective so we can weather any storm. Developing this awareness and discipline takes practice. So, we need to develop effective habits and practices which we can integrate regularly into our everyday lives.

This online group workshop will focus on Mindfulness as well as habit training and using the laws of habit creation (hint: this is not about willpower). This is more about creating a system in your life that sticks regardless of what circumstances you find yourself in. Mindfulness is a practice that is grounded in Neuroscience. The webinar will walk you through the Science of Mindfulness, how meditation can rewire your brain, the myths of Mindfulness and how you can get started in your own time, including resources for you to take away.

About LAST Anywhere Workshops

The aim of LAST Anywhere is to create a remote-first equivalent of the feeling you get from interacting with people at a physical LAST Conference, and give opportunities to hear from people you may not otherwise have a chance to.

There will be opportunities for facilitated breakouts, giving you a chance to explore the ideas in small groups. The bite-sized sections of the session will ensure a fast pace with maximum interaction and learning.

LAST Anywhere is supported by 460degrees.


Title: Creating new habits for wellbeing and growth – a practical Mindfulness workshop with Ruth Farenga
Date: Monday 6 April 2020 (Australia/NZ), Sunday 5/6 April 2020 (USA)
Melbourne, Sydney. 4.15pm to 6.00pm AEST
Wellington. 6.15pm to 8.00pm NZST
London. 7.15am to 9.00am BST
Los Angeles. 11.15pm to 1.00am PDT (5/6 April)
Keywords: mindfulness, wellbeing, COVID-19