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LAST Anywhere Talk with Martin Cronje

Turning our most significant production outage into a driver for positive lasting change. A DevOps story.

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About the talk

A routine production deployment sparked a sequence of events that affected most customers severely. Everything went wrong! We were not able to rollback, or failover, or identify the root-cause, and somehow the situation was getting worse. In the end, it took us several weeks to restore service.

This as a massive opportunity to help the organisation take a quantum leap forward in how it operates and supports its services in production.

This talk outlines the transformative journey we took as we implemented Continuous Deployments and Canaries on our monolith, Blue/Green on our database, Service Level Objectives, and how we improved our DevOps practices backed up by a Site Reliability Engineering team.

About Martin

Martin is a software engineering leader with ten-years experience in leading, building and transforming teams to deliver well-crafted software effectively. During his recent leadership roles at Serko (Head of Engineering), MYOB (Dev Manager) and nReality (Engineering Coach) he worked with local, remote, and globally distributed teams of 10-130 people building SaaS and mobile products. In this time, he spent most of his energy directed to building highly collaborative engaged teams while provided direction on how to improve the practices, processes, architecture and production operations.During his twenty-year career, he developed a strong technical background having played architect, principal engineer, and engineering coach roles, on systems ranging from mobile and data analytics to high-volume, mission-critical systems in the technology, government and financial services.Martin has spoken on agile, leadership, programming and design at events including LASTConf, Agile USA, Agile New Zealand, Agile Australia, Agile Africa, Scrum Gathering South Africa, Microsoft TechEd Africa and many more.


Title: Turning our most significant production outage into a driver for positive lasting change. A DevOps story.
Date: Wed, 10 June 2020
Duration: 60 minutes
Start Time:
Melbourne, Sydney. 11:30am AEST
Auckland. 1:30pm NZT
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Keywords: DevOps, transformation, OKR, SLO, Continuous Deployment

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