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LAST Anywhere Talk with Rebecca Tapp

Igniting Life’s Turning Points with Rebecca Tapp

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About the talk

A turning point is a time when a situation starts to change in a significant way. A defining moment ignited by a personal or collective crisis (like COVID-19), a disruptive innovation, or even a significant planetary event like climate change. These moments not only a present great opportunity, but they also expose our deepest vulnerabilities. So how do we go about navigating these personal or professional pivot points?

Rebecca joined via video from Sydney, Australia.

About Rebecca

Rebecca Tapp assists industry leaders, CEO’S, entrepreneurs, and media personalities to activate purpose-driven influence. She has spent 15 years working in partnership with globally acclaimed speakers, activists, authors and influencers. She is the host of the Decoding Purpose Podcast and a purpose-driven entrepreneur. In that time, Rebecca has mastered the intersection between purpose and influence with a clear focus on taking an idea, into the kind of influence that creates impact.

Rebecca is an internationally recognised coach and consultant working in Australia and the Asia Pacific in developing new talent in the speaking industry. She is also the creator of Ignite; a consulting process designed to assist leaders, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and influencers to gain clarity of purpose, and to tell that story online, onstage and most significantly in life. Rebecca is a Company Director of ‘Future Crunch’ which is a think tank consisting of scientists, artists, technologists, and entrepreneurs spreading a global movement of intelligent optimism. She is also the Co-founder of ‘Supernova Tribe’, a purpose-driven content and branding agency for influencers.

As a change-maker, Rebecca is on the board of directors for Hark Angel, a charity with a mission is to work with impoverished communities to build 100 schools around the world. She is also on the board of social enterprise Project Gen Z and has over the last decade raised more than $150,000 for charity in business and in hosting fundraising events and campaigns.


Title: Igniting Life’s Turning Points with Rebecca Tapp
Date: Monday 30 March 2020 (Australia/NZ), Sunday 29 March 2020 (North America/UK)
Duration: 60 minutes
Start Time:
Melbourne, Sydney. 9:30am AEST
Wellington. 11:30am NZST,
Boston. 6:30pm EDT (29 March)
Los Angeles. 3:30pm PDT (29 March)
London. 11:30pm (29 March)
Keywords: Virtual meetings, virtual conferences, virtual collaboration, remote work.

About LAST Anywhere Talks

LAST stands for Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking. It was born out of meetup groups and then a conference, started in Melbourne AU in 2012. Since then, it grew to also be held in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide. 1st Conference (Organisational Agility) and Spark the Change Melbourne (Meaning and Purpose at work and in society) are related conferences.

LAST Anywhere talks and workshops draw subject matter from the full range of topics covered by LAST, 1st and Spark the Change. Delivered online, they aim to provide non-formal learning and valuable interactions, and extend on the value provided by physical events.

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