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LAST Anywhere Workshop with Craig Brown

Launch your startup product in 6 weeks


About Craig

Craig is a Founder with extensive experience leading software development with distributed and co-located teams, from start-ups and teams beginning their journey together to large scale enterprises.

He runs Everest Engineering.

About the session

Workshop Slidedeck

In this workshop, Craig leads you through the inception and planning of a startup. At the end of this workshop, you will have created a clear concept of the product you want to launch, and a created a plan for launching your own startup. We will cover concepts including market validation, lean product development, business models, pricing and building your product.

Participants in this workshop will be offered coaching support over the next 6 weeks if they want to try to launch.


  • Week 1: What’s your big idea? Is it worth pursuing? Validate a problem; hypothesise a solution.
  • Week 2: Deep dive into the problem. User journeys, pain points and diving into the details.
  • Week 3: What is the market? How big is it and what’s your competition? Generate multiple solution options.
  • Week 4: Model a product and test the market. Pick a revenue model.
  • Week 5: Prototype your product. Test your revenue model.
  • Week 6 +: Launch and learn


Title: Launch your startup product in 6 weeks with Craig Brown
Date: Friday 24 April 2020
Time: Melbourne, Sydney. 11:30am to 1.00pm AEST. Find your local time.
Keywords: startup, product development, product management