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LAST Anywhere Talk with Kazuyoshi Hisano

A new way to be successful in this difficult and uncertain world

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About the talk

How can you go beyond your “Comfort Zone ” and acquire new skills?
Everybody wants to be successful in life. We listen to advice from others and we try many things. Yet most of us are still not sure what is really needed to be successful. Moreover, many of us are not even sure what we are aiming to achieve in this life. 

Surely, our career is important. Family is important, we need friends and we need to be healthy. Money is important and we need hobbies to enjoy this life. But, in many cases, we are only focusing on 2 or 3 elements of our life and the others are left behind.

How can we deal with many important things all at the same time?

If you are perfectly satisfied with your current life, that is wonderful. However if you think that you can do better – if you really want to be better than listen to this lecture. 

Kazuyoshi Hisano, the renowned business coach from Japan, will present on what enables us to become successful in life.
His theory and method is backed by the findings of cognitive science and the results attained by his clients have been outstanding.

In this 60 minutes session, Kazuyoshi will provide the summary of “How to use your brain in a most effective way”. 
It will be very meaningful for those who want to make their life better.

Kazuyoshi has published a new book, “CEO Coaching”. The book was written in Japanese and is currently in the process of being translated to English. He has been recommended to us by Norman Bodek (LAST Conferences), who is responsible for introducing some of the great Japanese lean thinkers (Ohno, Shingo etc.) to the Western world.

Kazuyoshi will join us via video from Tokyo Japan.

About Kazuyoshi

Founder & President of Conoway, Inc. and Feed Forward Association.
Vice President of Cognitive Coaching Association. 
Lecturer at Temple University Japan.
Kazuyoshi acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Tokyo University and MBA from Tsukuba University. He graduated with an MBA at the top of his class.

Kazuyoshi is an entrepreneur. He played a number of management roles and has vast experience in Japanese companies and multinational companies such as Tyco Electronics, Philips, and Bureau Veritas. 
He has experienced coaching thousands of people in the past 30+ years and has launched a program called “CEO Coaching”. Kazuyoshi currently coaches 25 CEOs on a 1 on 1 base. “CEO Coaching” is backed by cognitive science which explains “how the human brain works, and how to use your brain effectively.” 

Kazuyoshi has also launched a program called “Gold Vision Method” which is the system to help people become happy and successful.

Kazuyoshi Hisano is the author of three business books in business:
“CEO Coaching” (Nikkei Publishing Inc.) 
“Gold Vision” (PHP Institute, Inc.)
“Feed Forward” (Forest, Publishing., Ltd.)

One of his goals is to provide on-line coaching services for people living in underdeveloped countries at no charge.


Title: A new way to be successful in this difficult and uncertain world
Date: Tuesday, 26 May 2020 (Australia/Japan)
Duration: 60 minutes
Start Time:
Melbourne, Sydney. 09:30am AEST
Tokyo 08.30am JST
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Keywords: success, business coaching

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