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The future of strategy: just hire teenagers. With Nigel Dalton

About the talk

Nigel’s background as a multi-disciplinary social scientist, his interest (and expert knowledge) of systems and business will mean that he will give you an truly inspiring take on many aspects of the modern world. He is also a top-notch speaker!

“I’m working on the strategy” is the most potent of incantations in a 21st century organisation, reserved for the highest ranking wizards and witches. With COVID-19 among us, an unprecedented amount of ZOOM hours are being devoted to the dark arts of strategic thinking – for customers, for boards, for ELT meetings. In April 2020 we suddenly need a new workplace strategy, a remote work strategy, a product strategy, an IT strategy, a cost-saving strategy, a growth strategy, a downsizing strategy, a hiring strategy, a sales strategy, and a comms strategy to explain all the other strategies. To be caught without a revised strategy, is a double-kiss plus handshake greeting in the times of Coronavirus’s elbow taps.
This webinar aims to demystify that ‘strategy’ magic spell, and get a much wider range of people engaged in strategic thinking. Nigel Dalton believes strategy is not reserved for the geniuses, the generals, or the MBA-jocks, and hopes this 60 minute webinar can lead to new, high quality and inclusive thinking on the post-Corona world. It will cover Amazon’s approach to strategy, Underpants Gnomes, and some counter-intuitive left-field thinking for a post-COVID work life.

Nigel will join us via video from Melbourne, Australia

About Nigel

Nigel will need little introduction to many. Lonely Planet, and now Thoughtworks have benefitted from his expertise as a CIO, Chief Inventor and Chief Social Scientist. He’s a champion of the 20C Systems Thinkers and Lean manufacturers, and the godfather of Agile in Australia. Not to mention the svengali behind the Agile Battle of the Bands.

He’s the founder of Superproductive, as he’s currently finishing a book with the same title.


Title: The future of strategy: just hire teenagers.
Date: Tues 7 April 2020 (Australia/NZ)
Duration: 60 minutes
Start Time:
Melbourne, Sydney. 9:30am AEST
Auckland. 11.30am NZT
Boston. 6:30pm EDT (6 Apr)
Los Angeles. 3:30pm PDT (6 Apr)
London. 11:30pm (6 Apr)

Keywords: Collaboration, Teams, Teamwork.

About LAST Anywhere Talks

LAST stands for Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking. It was born out of meetup groups and then a conference, started in Melbourne AU in 2012. Since then, it grew to also be held in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide. 1st Conference (Organisational Agility) and Spark the Change Melbourne (Meaning and Purpose at work and in society) are related conferences.

LAST Anywhere talks and workshops draw subject matter from the full range of topics covered by LAST, 1st and Spark the Change. Delivered online, they aim to provide non-formal learning and valuable interactions, and extend on the value provided by physical events.

All you need is a good internet connection, a webcam, headphones, and a microphone. Also, you will need the focus to be present and make the most of the session.