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LAST Anywhere Talk with Emily Jaksch and Jessy Warn

Returning to business as usual post COVID-19 restrictions

Emily Jaksch
Jessy Warn

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This is the first 10 minutes of the talk that was part of the LAST Conference Anywhere series. The full talk is available for free for a limited time at the LAST Conference Clubhouse site.

About the talk

After the recent Federal Government announcements around the relaxation of restrictions most of us are all doing a happy dance in anticipation of returning to life as normal! But before we jump the gun we are all asking ourselves what will life look like under the newly launched three- step framework for COVIDSafe Australia and more importantly how will this impact my business?

You can check out the three-step framework here and to assist employers the government have also released a new planning toolkit for employers.

What we do know is that restrictions will be eased gradually with all steps planned to be implemented by July, each state and territory deciding on its own timing.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and we will also be sending you a handy download which includes the planning toolkit.

What we will be covering

– What happens if employees do not want to return to work?
– Dealing with requests for flexible work arrangements
– Keeping your office safe
– Jobkeeper implementation and issues
– Communication & Planning
– What happens if you have a case in the workplace

About Emily

Emily is a Founder & Managing Director of HR Gurus Pty Ltd and We Care Recruitment Australia, as well as being the Founder of GenerationUs.

After working in HR Management roles in the UK and Melbourne for 12 years, Emily realised she was not living according to her own personal values and she took a leap of faith and started HR Gurus, a specialist HR Consultancy.
A decade later this thriving business has grown to include We Care Recruitment, a specialist recruiter for the Health & Aged Care industry.

Since then Emily has become passionate about the topic of ‘Millennials in the Workplace’ after being contacted by hundreds of desperate CEO’s about the “entitled and unreliable” Gen Y’s disrupting their businesses.

So began a research journey to find out what makes Millennials so different and difficult to manage?

This led to self-funding a first of its kind research project “THE AUSTRALIAN MILLENNIAL WORKPLACE STUDY” which challenges the popular portrayal of Millennials.

Emily is now on a mission to bridge the gap and create the next generation of Millennial leaders through a commitment to qualitative research and data.

About Jessy

Jessy is a Managing Partner at HR Gurus Pty Ltd. When Jessy met Emily Jaksch she resonated immediately with Emily’s sense of keeping HR simple and being straight talking. Jessy joined forces with Emily supporting business leaders to create workplaces they are proud of.

Through her extensive work with hundreds of businesses, Jessy has noticed a pattern that after problems get fixed, the same problems reoccur a year or so later. She believes in sustainable change and is passionate about addressing problems once and for all.

She truly believes that if the root cause of HR problems are addressed, we will be able to change the world one workplace at a time. 


Title: Returning to business as usual post COVID-19 restrictions
Date: Mon, 22 June 2020
Duration: 60 minutes
Start Time:
Melbourne, Sydney. 11:30am AEST
Auckland. 1:30pm NZT
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Keywords: HR, COVID-19 restrictions, Return to work, employee

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