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LAST Anywhere Workshop with Ben Hogan and Christine Lemmich

Experience a fully remote inception workshop

Ben Hogan
Christine Lemmich
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Ben Hogan and Christine Lemmich, Melbourne, AU

About the Workshop

In this workshop Ben and Christine will facilitate a hands-on experience with digital collaboration using tools and techniques from a recent product inception workshop Ben facilitated. Ben will demonstrate how he used a visual collaboration tool to successfully kick-off a product discovery initiative.

You will participate in online exercises that demonstrate:

  • Teaching participants how to use digital collaboration tools
  • Building early trust between people who have never met in person
  • Defining success criteria for the initiative
  • Establishing ways of working for the team
  • Creating a “mission control” for visual management of the initiative
  • Running the daily meeting online
  • Running a retrospective online

Along the way Ben will share his lessons learned and things to avoid next time.

After this session you will have experience participating in a digital workshop and some tips on how you might run one of your own, and where to get more information.

Important prerequisites for this session:

  • To allow for participation in the hands-on exercises this session is limited to 20 participants. Additional LAST Anywhere sessions may be scheduled from the waiting list if there is sufficient demand or you can contact Ben directly to book a private session for your team.
  • You will need
    • an internet connection that is fast and stable enough for video calls
    • a headset with built-in microphone to ensure good audio quality
    • a quiet private space with no distractions
    • to have video switched on
    • sufficient computer skills to use the online tool Please try out the tool before the session if you have any doubts using their free trial.

About Ben and Christine

Ben Hogan is a business agility adviser for organisations looking to develop new capabilities, increase performance, adopt new ways of working and improve employee engagement. He advises clients across a wide range of industries and methods including OKRs, Wardley Maps, Product Discovery, Kanban, and Actionable Performance Metrics. He speaks regularly at conferences and provides training, workshops, consulting and coaching for clients. He also applies his skills to the #ClimateEmergency through pro bono consulting work for select organisations at the cutting edge of the transition to zero carbon.
Connect with him on linked-in:
You can follow him on Twitter: @agileben

Ben is a long time participant in the Australian agile community, helping teams and leaders grok agile since 2002, he’s been teaching, coaching and helping build teams for over 15 years. He’s a veteran of introducing lean, kanban, agile and other buzzwords to many projects, operations and business teams including marketing, legal, people and culture, finance and customer service. He was one of the first people to teach Kanban in Australia and is a previous speaker at the Agile Australia, Scrum Australia, YoW, Last and 1st Conferences, and has been an invited speaker to the Agile Encore “best of Agile Australia” conference.

He has recently returned to Melbourne after a 2.5 year stint in Berlin at a publicly listed enterprise where he worked on improving organisational alignment with OKRs across the entire 1200 person organisation. Since returning to Australia Ben has helped a major Australian brand stand-up a high performing product discovery team using digital collaboration techniques in the middle of a pandemic, where many team members had never met in person.

Ben is open to new clients: please get in touch with Ben directly, follow him on twitter @agileben or connect with him on Linked-In.

Christine has recently began diving into agile methods, building on a design thinking background to add Scrum, Kanban, coaching and team facilitation to her skillset. Her goal is to enlighten and empower people through coaching, teaching and facilitation. She is an optimiser, innovator and project leader focused on finding solutions centred around customer value, with experiences spanning three continents, six countries and six organisations. She is looking for opportunities to work with agile teams as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach. Please ​get in touch!


Title: Experience a fully remote inception workshop with Ben Hogan and Christine Lemmich
Date: Thursday 28 May 2020 AEST
Duration: 90 minutes
11.00a – 12:30p AEST (Find your local time)

Keywords: inception, remote collaboration

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