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LAST Anywhere Workshop with Ruma Dak

Staying Calm and Positive in Challenging Times with Ruma Dak

Our LAST Anywhere sessions continue with this webinar/workshop run by Ruma Dak. Ruma has a strong interest in Positive Psychology, and will be sharing ways that this can help you.

Ruma’s Slidedeck

About Ruma Dak

Ruma is a Delivery Coach, Envato, Australia. She is an experienced agile practitioner who delights in coaching and empowering people to achieve self-direction, self-management and maintain high adaptability to change. When working with teams, she focuses on building a collaborative culture along with high levels of trust and safety. When coaching individuals, her purpose is to ‘help others help themselves’. By night, Ruma co-organises and facilitates the Leadership of Awesome meetup, whilst during the day, she wears various hats  as a Delivery Coach at Envato.

Some of her current ‘obsessions’  are Positive Psychology and Strength Based Coaching, NLP and Mindfulness!  

Ruma is currently studying Positive Psychology course at an institution in the UK.

About the session

At the best of times it’s important and advisable to take care of our own selves as well as the people around us, to stay calm and positive. It’s even more important with what is currently happening in our world. We’ve all seen many remote work tools and processes recently, but there is another aspect to it!

In this session, Ruma will share some of the ideas from the field of Positive Psychology, and also how we can implement these ideas. These interventions have the potential of enhancing your wellbeing, not only in these trying times but also when the world gets back to normal!

The aim of LAST Anywhere is to create a remote-first equivalent of the feeling you get from interacting with people at a physical LAST Conference, and give opportunities to hear from people you may not otherwise have a chance to.

There will be opportunities for facilitated breakouts, giving you a chance to explore the ideas in small groups. The bite-sized sections of the session will ensure a fast pace with maximum interaction and learning.

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Title: Staying Calm and Positive in Challenging Times with Ruma Dak
Date: Thursday 16 April 2020
Time: Melbourne, Sydney 7.30am to 9.00am AEST
Keywords: Positive Psychology, wellbeing.