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LAST Anywhere Workshop with Ben Mosior

Strategic Thinking with Wardley Mapping with Ben Mosior

Ben Mosior, Pittsburgh USA
Strategic Thinking with Wardley Mapping

In this session, Ben will walk you through a practical 90-minute strategic thinking process that leverages Wardley Mapping to create common conceptual ground for explicit, localized intent. Starting with the very basics of the process, you’ll learn to make a minimum viable map, scan the landscape for opportunities, and refine action proposals through challenge.

What is Wardley Mapping exactly? It’s helpful to think of it as at least three different things:

  1. A visual way to represent systems and how they change
  2. A body of research about basic patterns of change under capitalism
  3. A strategic thinking framework that visually represents our intent (#1) to help us exploit patterns of change under capitalism (#2).

All of these together make a powerful tool set for making better decisions, even in the face of increasing uncertainty.

Wardley Mapping is provided courtesy of Simon Wardley (CC BY-SA 4.0)

About Ben

Ben Mosior is your friendly neighborhood methodology whisperer, sharing cutting edge decision-making and sensemaking approaches oriented around collective knowledge creation. To democratize access to strategic thinking methods, Ben operates and runs regular events to inform and uplift new practitioners.


Title: Strategic Thinking with Wardley Mapping with Ben Mosior
Date: Wednesday 20 May 2020
Duration: 90 minutes
9:30a – 11:00a AEST (Find your local time)
4:30p – 6:00p PST (Tuesday 19 May in California)
7:30p-9:00p EST (Tuesday 19 May in Pittsburgh)
Keywords: strategy, complexity, wardley mapping, sense making

Highlights video

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