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Creating great products by learning about people remotely with Cath Hills

About the talk

Developing a great product is hard. It can be made easier if you have authentic discussions with people that are going to use it. Cath will take you through techniques that you can use, especially those that can be implemented with people who aren’t in the room.

Join in this session that uncovers:

  • Adopting a learning mindset about people and products
  • Why it’s important to be curious about and to learn from others
  • Why people are more than “users” and “customers”
  • What is data collection?
  • Learning objectives for data collection
  • Asking the right questions
  • the principles of listening
  • Remote and distributed approaches to data collection collaboration

Cath will join us via video from Melbourne, Australia

About Cath

Cath is a passionate and curious ‘pioneer.’ who leads teams and initiatives to success. Her skills in strategic direction, problem solving, catalysing and brainstorming, are well established with strong industry knowledge, vision and delivery leadership. She helps stakeholders and teams see the big picture, possible pathways and deliver a vision in small bite-sized steps.

Her background is almost two decades in technology. Cath’s primary specialisation is design in digital and software engineering, UX, CX, service and human-centered design, product and service discovery and delivery, along with close to a decade in social research specialising in both commercial and academic roles. She is also an experienced lean and agile practitioner and design thinker.


Title: Creating great products by learning about people remotely with Cath Hills
Date: Friday 3 Feb 2020 (Australia/NZ), Monday 30 March 2020 (North America)
Duration: 60 minutes
Start Time:
Melbourne, Sydney. 1:30pm AEST
Wellington. 3:30pm NZST,
Boston. 10:30pm EDT (30 March)
Los Angeles. 7:30pm PDT (30 March)
London. 3:30am (31 March)
Keywords: Virtual meetings, virtual conferences, virtual collaboration, remote work.

About LAST Anywhere Talks

LAST stands for Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking. It was born out of meetup groups and then a conference, started in Melbourne AU in 2012. Since then, it grew to also be held in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide. 1st Conference (Organisational Agility) and Spark the Change Melbourne (Meaning and Purpose at work and in society) are related conferences.

LAST Anywhere talks and workshops draw subject matter from the full range of topics covered by LAST, 1st and Spark the Change. Delivered online, they aim to provide non-formal learning and valuable interactions, and extend on the value provided by physical events.

All you need is a good internet connection, a webcam, headphones, and a microphone. Also, you will need the focus to be present and make the most of the session.