LAST Conference Anywhere

LAST Anywhere Workshop with Jay Hyett

Lessons learned at Envato, including how to run a virtual all-hands with 200 people!

Jay’s slides on Slideshare

About Jay Hyett

Jay is a Senior Delivery Coach with extensive experience working in distributed and digital teams, from start-ups and teams beginning their journey together to large scale enterprise transformations. 

About the session

And just like that the world suddenly went remote first.
In this session Jay will share lessons learned working with distributed teams at Envato, including how to run a virtual demo with 200 people!  He will also provide some insights into how to keep teams engaged and connected without the need of a physical location.
All you need is a good internet connection, headphones and a microphone.

The aim of LAST Anywhere is to create a remote-first equivalent of the feeling you get from interacting with people at a physical LAST Conference, and give opportunities to hear from people you may not otherwise have a chance to.

There will be opportunities for facilitated breakouts, giving you a chance to explore the ideas in small groups. The bite-sized sections of the session will ensure a fast pace with maximum interaction and learning.


Title: Running successful virtual meetings, conferences and working sessions with Jay Hyett
Date: Thursday 2 April 2020
Time: Melbourne, Sydney. 9:00am to 10.00am AEST
Keywords: Virtual meetings, virtual conferences, virtual collaboration, remote work.